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Crane and Essentra Partner for Next Generation Security Features

Crane Currency and Essentra Packaging have announced a strategic partnership to develop a range of next generation security features for the pharmaceutical and beauty packaging industry.

Digital Identities for Reusable Packaging

Flexible electronics developer PragmatIC Semiconductor has announced its...

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Global Forum Gets Ready to Welcome Tax Stamp Co...

Conferences are back! And this includes the Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum™, taking place from 16-18 May 20...

More Companies Turn to Blockchain for Sustainable and Authentic Supply Chains

Blockchain – the technology that underpins the digital currency bitcoin ...

The Need for New ‘Printed’ Features

We have significant investment going into digital technologies, both fro...

Editors Choice

Waste Not, Want Not

You may have noticed that, in the last few issues since the launch of the newly-branded Authentication & Brand News™, there has been something of an emphasis on sustainability. For companies in our sector (indeed, companies in any sector), sustainability, particularly in the environmental sense, is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a ‘must have’.

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