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Drivers for Sustainability in Brand Protection

Products are already starting to appear in this sector. For example, Authentication & Brand News, March 2024, contained an article on sustainable tamper-evident closure seals.

Decoding Georgia Bills - No to QR Codes Yes to Watermark

While they say no to barcodes, Georgia voters could see a watermark on the…

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Brand Authentication – The Xiaomi Way

Continuing our series on brand protection programmes implemented by some of the world’s biggest brand owners,…

Holography News in Brief

This article explores recent developments around holography technology, fr…

Fighting Falsified Medicines – The Novartis Way

Continuing our series of articles on the strategic perspectives of leading…

Editors Choice

The Ongoing Problem of Counterfeit Postage Stamps

The UK’s Royal Mail is investigating a recent case of mass counterfeiting of its new barcoded stamps.

  • Crane Acquire OpSec

    Crane NXT, whose subsidiaries include Crane Currency, Crane Authentication and Crane Payment Innovations, has announced it has signed a definitive agreement with Investcorp Technology Partners to acq…

  • Fake Degrees and Authentication in Africa

    According to estimates, 30 to 40% of all African qualifications are falsified and/or fake. The article explores recent regional developments, combating fraudulent degrees and certificates.

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