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Authentication & Brand News™ - giving you the inside track

Authentication & Brand News comprises 12 issues per year, each including news and features on technologies and strategies that protect products and brands from fraudulent activity in the physical world as well as the digital domain.

For over 20 years, Authentication News, the predecessor to Authentication & Brand News, has monitored the significant developments in document and product security with a keen and critical eye. The publication has followed the development of the authentication industry from early brand protection and secure document strategies aimed at deterring casual counterfeiting to the modern-day reality of international crime gangs operating in the physical, digital and online worlds.

Authentication & Brand News will continue that commitment to strong journalism. In it you’ll find interviews with key figures who are developing, supplying or using authentication technologies, as well as commentary and analysis on emerging brand protection strategies from around the globe.

Authentication & Brand News gives you the inside track on the key technologies and strategies for protecting products and brands against counterfeiting, piracy, smuggling and diversion, with a particular focus on emerging solutions such as those coming out of universities and research institutes.

The editorial team is made up of three industry experts:

  • Francis Tuffy – covering technology, research and case studies,
  • Astrid Mitchell – following markets, companies and strategies,
  • Nicola Sudan – reporting on international and government developments.

The editorial leader changes each month ensuring a fresh and varied outlook for the publication.

Historically, Authentication News held a close association with the highly regarded Optical Document Security™ (ODS) and Digital Document Security™ (DDS) series of conferences, and Authentication & Brand News will continue to support the combination of these successful events into the Optical & Digital Document Security™ (ODDS) conference.

Whether you are a security printer, brand owner, R&D organisation, or integrator of solutions that provide authentication and brand protection in the physical, digital or virtual domains, you really should read Authentication & Brand News!