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The Information Technology, Electronics and Communications Department of the Indian state of Telangana has implemented a pilot project for using RFID tags or QR code-enabled systems to track the inventory of gunny (burlap) sacks used for supplying food grain under the state Public Distribution System.

News - April 26, 2022 midnight

Waste Not, Want Not

You may have noticed that, in the last few issues since the launch of the newly-branded Authentication & Brand News™, there has been something of an emphasis on sustainability. For companies in our sector (indeed, companies in any sector), sustainability, particularly in the environmental sense, is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a ‘must have’.

Editorial - April 26, 2022 midnight

Smartphone Technology Calls In Holograms

Holography has helped to bring smartphone digital interaction in the brand protection and authentication space closer as the security technology discovers new outlets and innovative applications.

Technical Features - April 26, 2022 midnight

Global Forum Gets Ready to Welcome Tax Stamp Community

Conferences are back! And this includes the Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum™, taking place from 16-18 May 2022 in Malta. The Forum opens with a workshop on the pros and cons of using sophisticated digital printers for secure documents, including a review of digital security inks, feature design software, printing hardware and real-life applications.

Free - April 26, 2022 midnight

Completing the Circle

The circular economy presents a $4.5 trillion business opportunity for companies that concentrate on rethinking products and services using principles based on durability, renewability, reuse, repair, replacement, upgrades, refurbishment, and reduced material use.

Sustainability - April 26, 2022 midnight

Digital Identities for Reusable Packaging

Flexible electronics developer PragmatIC Semiconductor has announced its involvement in leading an Innovate UK, Smart Sustainability Plastic Packaging business project that will make reusable plastic packaging systems a reality at scale.

Sustainability - April 26, 2022 midnight

More Companies Turn to Blockchain for Sustainable and Authentic Supply Chains

Blockchain – the technology that underpins the digital currency bitcoin and is essentially a digital database of time-stamped records or transactions, which are unchangeable and decentralised – is becoming increasingly popular as a track and trace tool for physical supply chains and to guard against counterfeit goods.

Track and Trace - April 26, 2022 midnight

Accessories Top List of Fake Goods Seized in EU

Intellectual property infringing products with a value of almost €2 billion were seized in the EU’s internal market and at external borders in 2020, according to an annual seizures report published at the end of last year.

Studies-Reports - March 23, 2022 midnight

From 1878 to NFTs and the Metaverse – No Turning Back

With all of the media coverage surrounding the use of technology in the fight against online piracy and counterfeiting, we shouldn’t forget that trademark and copyright infringements were going on long before the invention of the world-wide-web.

Free - March 23, 2022 midnight

Watermarks for Less Waste

Digital watermark specialist Digimarc was recently featured in a news clip from the BBC, the UK’s broadcaster, on how invisible watermarks could increase plastic recycling. The clip explored industry testing efforts in Europe and discussed packaging attributes that could be identified through the use of Digimarc’s technology, giving plastic packaging a so-called ‘voice’.

Sustainability - March 23, 2022 midnight

Labelling Continues to Protect Pharma

Pharmaceuticals remain a real and potentially dangerous target for fraudsters, as these two new tamper-evident and anti-counterfeit developments testify.

Pharmaceutical - March 23, 2022 midnight

‘Living’ Football Jerseys that Interact with Fans

Identiv, Inc, a Nasdaq-listed provider of secure identification systems within the Internet of Things, has expanded its partnership with collectID in Switzerland, to provide a product authentication and consumer interaction solution on collectible football jerseys, via the use of embeddable near-field communication, life-of-garment tags.

Consumer Goods - March 23, 2022 midnight

KURZ Goes Green with Eco Label Range

Optical and materials security specialist KURZ has introduced a range of sustainable security labels as part of its TRUSTCONCEPT® brand portfolio. According to the company, the combination of its security features with individually combinable, environmentally friendly substrates means that customers can benefit from sustainable labels without forgoing its tried-and-tested security technology.

Sustainability - March 1, 2022 midnight

ACT Now to Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights

This month’s editorial makes a longitudinal study of the shifting geo-political forces that have formed the nature of brand protection. Another, more direct, hypothesis is that counterfeiting and other types of brand fraud are straightforward criminal activities with no respect for borders, treaties or the law.

Studies-Reports - March 1, 2022 midnight

Silkworms Spin New User Authentication

A group of academics at South Korea’s Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) have utilised natural silk fibres from domesticated silkworms to build an environmentally friendly digital security system that they say is ‘practically unbreachable’.

Sustainability - March 1, 2022 midnight