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Was Ticket Fraud to Blame for Chaos at Champions League Final?

What should have been a triumphant finale to the European football season descended into chaos as police fired tear gas and pepper spray at supporters in advance of the Champions League Final in Paris. What role did ticket fraud play in creating the chaotic scenes that were televised around the world as the kick off was delayed by more than half an hour?

Free - July 6, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

MagVision, the magnetic innovation start-up, has announced a merger with Macon Management and Design (MMD), a UK-based engineering design company.

News - July 6, 2022 midnight

Linking Laser ID Marks with Tax Stamp Codes

At the recent Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum™ in Malta, Dr Marietta Ulrich-Horn, CEO of Securikett, presented a solution for linking the company’s CODIKETT® unique identifying code on a tax stamp with a 2D barcode that had been laser-etched into a glass bottle.

Track and Trace - July 6, 2022 midnight

Toppan Shines a Light on Security

Toppan has launched Illumigram™, a new security hologram in which three-dimensional images appear in response to strong light, such as a smartphone’s flashlight.

Technical Features - July 6, 2022 midnight

Nike Sues StockX Over NFTs and Counterfeit Sneakers

Dubbed the ‘Sneaker Wars’, Nike’s ongoing lawsuit against online shoe reseller StockX will likely end up dictating how intellectual property law is applied to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), declared attorney and journalist Andrew Rossow, writing for

Consumer Goods - July 6, 2022 midnight

OECD Launches Report on eCommerce in Illicit Trade

The OECD has published a series of reports into illicit trade, the most recent of which is ‘eCommerce Challenges in Illicit Trade in Fakes’. The report is the first outcome of a special project on illicit trade between the Anti-Illicit Trade Expert Group (AITEG) and the public-private partnership (PPP), established under the OECD Task Force on Countering Illicit Trade (TF-CIT).

Studies-Reports - May 30, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

Chiplytics, a hardware security company building inspection technology that provides insights into the microelectronics supply chain, has announced its official launch from Scout Ventures.

Free - May 30, 2022 midnight

Report Concludes Nearly Half of All Cyberattacks Involve Brand Impersonation

Anti-fraud product provider Outseer has released its latest findings on brand abuse, and it doesn’t make pleasant reading for online banking and eCommerce. According to the latest quarterly analysis from Outseer’s FraudAction team, brand impersonation scams continue to exploit the sharp rise in digital banking and eCommerce during the pandemic.

Studies-Reports - May 30, 2022 midnight

Mary Poppins to Help Thwart Pharmaceutical Counterfeiters

Pharmaceuticals are among the most heavily counterfeited goods on the planet and, according to the OECD and the EUIPO, are ‘attractive for counterfeiters given the high profit margins, low risks of detection and prosecution, weak penalties, and the ease with which consumers can be deceived into believing that the counterfeit products are genuine.’

Pharmaceutical - May 30, 2022 midnight

Cracking the Case of Counterfeit Eggs

The worldwide rising cost of food, due in equal measures to the war in the Ukraine, rising shipping costs and the increase in energy bills, is in danger of creating fertile ground for an increase in food fraud.

Food and Beverage - May 30, 2022 midnight

Lawyer Up and Head for the Metaverse

Without being able to hold or look at a physical object, or even capture the URL of a webpage, the challenges facing trademark infringement and brand protection are different to authentication in the real world (ITRW).

Editorial - May 30, 2022 midnight

How Physical Brand Investigation Methods are Evolving

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an acceleration of what was already on the cards as far as brand owners are concerned: the need to change the way in which physical brand intelligence- gathering at point of sale is carried out.

Companies - May 30, 2022 midnight

Origyn and WatchBox Form Timely Partnership

Origyn, the Swiss foundation dedicated to identifying, authenticating and protecting the ownership of objects of value, has announced a partnership with WatchBox, a global leader in collectible luxury timepieces.

Consumer Goods - May 30, 2022 midnight

Smartphone Technology Calls In Holograms

Holography has helped to bring smartphone digital interaction in the brand protection and authentication space closer as the security technology discovers new outlets and innovative applications.

Technical Features - April 26, 2022 midnight

Global Forum Gets Ready to Welcome Tax Stamp Community

Conferences are back! And this includes the Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum™, taking place from 16-18 May 2022 in Malta. The Forum opens with a workshop on the pros and cons of using sophisticated digital printers for secure documents, including a review of digital security inks, feature design software, printing hardware and real-life applications.

Free - April 26, 2022 midnight

Completing the Circle

The circular economy presents a $4.5 trillion business opportunity for companies that concentrate on rethinking products and services using principles based on durability, renewability, reuse, repair, replacement, upgrades, refurbishment, and reduced material use.

Sustainability - April 26, 2022 midnight