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How Cisco Plugs Counterfeit Networks

While all counterfeit goods potentially pose a risk for consumers and companies, that risk becomes amplified when we talk about products made by Cisco, one of the largest technology companies in the world, best known for its networking products.

Free - August 30, 2023 midnight

Nike Joins Surge in NFC Tags on Sneakers

Nike is conducting a pilot programme with AntChain for a new sneaker featuring an NFC chip. The programme enables consumers to access product origin information by tapping their smartphone against an NFC chip on the sneaker.

Technical Features - August 30, 2023 midnight

Diamonds are a Counterfeiter’s Worst Enemy

Exploiting the uniqueness derived from the inherent randomness of industrial processes is not a new approach for anti-counterfeiting technologies, but a new breed of physically unclonable functions (PUFs) might just be a step too far for counterfeiters to spoof.

Technical Features - August 30, 2023 midnight

Leather Industry Urges Airlines to Ensure Traceability

Scottish leather supplier Muirhead is urging airlines to ensure the traceability of leather during procurement. The advice follows the emergence of leather suppliers whose products – despite being marketed as sustainable, ethical and European – come from a complex and blurred supply chain, with hides imported from as far as South America.

Fraud Detection - August 30, 2023 midnight

More New Developments for Protecting Gold Bars and Coins

In the ABN March 2023 issue, we looked at four developments to protect gold bars and commemorative coins from counterfeiting. As companies continue their anti-counterfeiting advancement, we look at a few more developments in this area, covering overt and covert features and digital traceability.

Technical Features - August 30, 2023 midnight

Authenticity Problems in Global Watch Market

A new report by Watchfinder & Co, a luxury pre-owned watch specialist, revealed that 14% of British collectors have counterfeit timepieces in their rotations. Specifically, the research identified a staggering total of 1,010,572 watches.

Consumer Goods - August 30, 2023 midnight

Time to Submit Your Paper for ODDS 2024

The Optical & Digital Document Security™ (ODDS) conference – the technical event for physical, digital and virtual document security – is now calling for papers.

Events - July 31, 2023 midnight

Round Up – Brands, Traceability, Sustainability

Leonardo Abdias, Director of Innovation and Markets at the Brazilian Mint (Casa da Moeda do Brasil – CMB) has announced measures to combat the illegal gold trade in the country, during an event held in May titled ‘Ways of Gold: the importance of traceability to prevent illegality and irregular extraction’.

News - July 31, 2023 midnight

ASPA Forum Aims for Zero Counterfeiting

With their sights firmly set on a future with no counterfeiting in it, more than 150 delegates came together for the 5th edition of the Traceability and Authentication Forum (TAF), held on 6-7 July, in New Delhi, India.

Free - July 31, 2023 midnight

Chemists Develop a New Chiral Structure Creation Method

A strange feature of the molecular building blocks of human (and other species) biology is that at a molecular level they exhibit a behaviour called ‘chirality’ – from the Greek word for handedness. Just like your right hand mirrors your left but will never fit comfortably into a left-handed glove, amino acids and sugars come in both right- and left-handed versions.

Technical Features - July 31, 2023 midnight

New Anti-Counterfeiting Fluorescent Marker Developed

A team of researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPICI), in Germany, has developed a method that could make it more difficult to counterfeit products. The new and patented method makes it possible to produce unique, non-copyable, environment-friendly fluorescent patterns, quickly and at low cost.

Technical Features - July 31, 2023 midnight

Global Developments Around Palm Vein Authentication

While, as individuals, we all use fingerprint biometrics in our routine life to unlock a phone or the door to the office, verify identities, and gain access to restricted areas, the tech giants have a different agenda. Various cases have been reported globally using palm vein technology for payments in the last few months.

Technical Features - July 31, 2023 midnight