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Counterfeit Medicines Are the New Pandemic

Counterfeit and substandard medicines have existed for as long as medicines have existed. The OECD estimates the global trade in illicit pharmaceuticals to be worth at least $4.4 billion annually.

Free - November 8, 2022 midnight

Making Authentication Fun

We all know what a challenge it is to get consumers to authenticate anything. With this in mind, Securikett has developed an anti-cloning security seal that brings the entertainment factor to product authentication.

Consumer Goods - November 8, 2022 midnight

Authenticating in 3D Polarisation

A team of scientists, from Heriot-Watt University and the University of Hong Kong have developed an optical metasurface to create colour-selective 3D polarisation structures.

Optical Features - November 8, 2022 midnight

Recent Advances in NFC and What This Means for Brand Protection

While near-field communication (NFC) has become the dominant technology for contactless payments, it has taken a backseat to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in terms of general adoption, with most people not even aware that their smartphones can have NFC built into them.

Technical Features - November 8, 2022 midnight

OpSec Eco – Smart, Clean and Green

Like all progressive companies operating in the authentication and brand protection sectors, OpSec Security is committed to sustainability in its processes and products – as its new product line OpSec® Eco demonstrates.

Sustainability - November 8, 2022 midnight

EUIPO Uses Blockchain to Block Counterfeits

In 2019, The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) launched a new anti-counterfeiting forum designed to encourage the development of cutting-edge technological solutions, including blockchain, to combat counterfeiting.

Fraud Detection - November 8, 2022 midnight

NFC News In Brief

To accompany our feature this month on recent trends in near-field communication (NFC), we thought we’d take a snapshot of new authentication and identification programmes that are opting for NFC tags.

News - November 8, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

Ennoventure Inc has recently received an award for the most secure anti-counterfeit technology 2022 at the EMEA Security Conference and Exhibition, held in Saudi Arabia.

News - October 6, 2022 midnight

Enschedé Collaborates on NFT Venture

Dutch security print company Royal Joh Enschedé is teaming up with PROxID and Concordium blockchain to connect the world between security print products, NFTs and the metaverse.

Security Printing - October 6, 2022 midnight

Taggants Help Secure Romanian Wine Industry

The Romanian wine sector has started using an authentication technology developed by Eluceda to authenticate the provenance of its regional wines and protect drinkers from potential counterfeits.

Food and Beverage - October 6, 2022 midnight

Protection Meets Sustainability in Luxury Brand

A growing theme within the pages of Authentication & Brand News™ is the trend for technology providers of brand protection and authentication services to expand the usefulness of their offerings to include traceability of raw and recycled materials.

Free - October 6, 2022 midnight

Meta Anchor Connects Physical Products to Digital Experiences

Austria and US based mobile authentication technology company Authentic Vision has announced the US market release of its Meta Anchor™ technology that, it claims, secures the link between physical products and digital value, services and experiences.

Technical Features - October 6, 2022 midnight

Organic Thin-Film Sensors for Security

Spectroscopy, the branch of science that measures and interprets the electromagnetic spectra resulting from the interaction between radiation and the sample, has found many uses in differentiating between real and fake banknotes, secure documents and pharmaceuticals.

Fraud Detection - October 6, 2022 midnight

G+D Signs its Move into the Secure Packaging Market

Giesecke+Devrient is probably better known for producing banknote paper and printing banknotes than it is for protecting brands. Having explored the brand protection market in the past, the company is now returning to protecting brands with its new SIGN® technology.

Interviews - October 6, 2022 midnight

G+D Unveils New Solution to Protect Brands

The relaunch of Authentication & Brand News™ in January of this year came, to a large extent, as a response to a set of market trends triggered by the effects of COVID-19 which have been exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine and widespread inflation.

Companies - September 6, 2022 midnight