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July 2022

  • Meteoric Rise for Blockchain and Recycling Start-Up Security Matters
  • Lumenco Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Strength Through Randomness
  • NIST Announces Winners of Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Systems
  • New Banknote Features Come to the Fore After Two Year Hiatus – Part 2
  • Emerging Technologies – Threats and Opportunities
  • Fraudsters Continue to Target Food and Drink

June 2022

  • Toppan Shines a Light on Security
  • Linking Laser ID Marks with Tax Stamp Codes
  • Micro-Optic Labels Takes Centre Stage in HP’s Anti-Counterfeit Programme
  • News in Brief
  • Round up of New Authenticating Technologies
  • Was Ticket Fraud to Blame for Chaos at Champions League Final?
  • Nike Sues StockX Over NFTs and Counterfeit Sneakers
  • New Banknote Features Come to the Fore After Two Year Hiatus – Part 1
  • Amazon Releases Second Brand Protection Report
  • Upcoming Events

May 2022

  • How Physical Brand Investigation Methods are Evolving
  • Cracking the Case of Counterfeit Eggs
  • Lawyer Up and Head for the Metaverse
  • News in Brief
  • Mary Poppins to Help Thwart Pharmaceutical Counterfeiters
  • Origyn and WatchBox Form Timely Partnership
  • Report Concludes Nearly Half of All Cyberattacks Involve Brand
  • Impersonation
  • OECD Launches Report on eCommerce in Illicit Trade
  • Upcoming Events

April 2022

  • Crane and Essentra Partner for Next Generation Security Features
  • Digital Identities for Reusable Packaging
  • Waste Not, Want Not
  • News In Brief
  • Completing the Circle
  • More Companies Turn to Blockchain for Sustainable and Authentic Supply Chains
  • Smartphone Technology Calls In Holograms
  • The Need for New ‘Printed’ Features
  • Global Forum Gets Ready to Welcome Tax Stamp Community
  • Upcoming Events

March 2022

  • ‘Living’ Football Jerseys that Interact with Fans
  • Watermarks for Less Waste
  • Authentication Methods in Luxury Resale: Where Are All the Security Features?
  • EU Launches €47 Million Fund to Protect SME Intellectual Property
  • From 1878 to NFTs and the Metaverse – No Turning Back
  • Labelling Continues to Protect Pharma
  • Accessories Top List of Fake Goods Seized in EU
  • OpSec Security’s End-to-End Solution for Brand Protection
  • Meta’s Social Media Sites an ‘Empire’ for Counterfeiters
  • Upcoming Events

February 2022

  • Securikett IoT Platform and Labels at Heart of New Packaging Recycling Project
  • TruTrace and Laava Partner for Blockchain-Supported Traceability
  • Why Brand Protection is Important
  • 2D Barcodes Herald New Authentication and Brand Awareness Possibilities
  • News in Brief
  • Silkworms Spin New User Authentication
  • KURZ Goes Green with Eco Label Range
  • ACT Now to Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights
  • Breaking the Security Mould with MicroEdge
  • Recommerce Brings Fashion and Apparel Fraud Online
  • Upcoming Events

January 2022

  • Welcome to Authentication & Brand News!
  • Nano-Structured Features – Research Continues
  • New De La Rue Innovations
  • News in Brief
  • How Taiwan Rewards Citizens for Buying Legal Goods
  • Fluorescent Organohydrogel for Encrypting Secret Information
  • Document Checking in Challenging Environments
  • Creating Caustic Surfaces
  • LumaChrome Holographic Gives Two-Factor Authentication
  • Bringing Motion Graphics to Security Print Without Additional Materials
  • Upcoming Events

December 2021

  • Smartphone Authentication of Currency with ValiCash™
  • LVMH and SMX Partner for Sustainability
  • 2021 Review: A Year in Headlines
  • News in Brief
  • Jura Workshops Look to the Future of Security Printing
  • Sustainability in Product Labelling - Some Thoughts on the Future
  • New Report Ventures into Printing Beyond Colour for Security Features
  • Upcoming Events

September 2021

  • De La Rue Announces Upgrade to Malta Site
  • Wood Phosphorescence – a Sustainable Alternative for Security Inks?
  • Colnago Goes Digital to Protect and Strengthen its Brand
  • News in Brief
  • VDS Gains Wider Acceptance for Travel & Non-Travel Documents & Objects
  • Fingerprint Technology in the Age of COVID
  • Regulators Get Tougher on Food Traceability
  • Regional Banknote and ID Document of the Year Awards to Go Online for 2021
  • Upcoming Events

August 2021

  • Arizona’s Ballot Papers Will be as Secure as Banknotes
  • KURZ Group Acquires tesa scribos
  • Chemically Free Naturally Brilliant Colour
  • Food and Drink Security and Traceability Update
  • Nanotech Sells to Smart Light Company
  • Face-to-Face with Perception CEO Dr Sirisilp Kongsilp
  • Perceptions of Counterfeit Luxury Goods Differ Across Cultures
  • Traditional and Digital Authentication for PaperBased Bitcoins
  • 3D Printed PerovskiteBased Crystals Have Variety of Security Applications

July 2021

  • SPARK® – the Innovation Journey Continues to FLOW
  • 3D-Printed Shark Fins that Bite Back at Illegal Trade
  • Jean-Philippe Gaudin Joins SICPA
  • A Guide to Assuring the Integrity of Passports
  • News In Brief
  • OriginAll and Authentic Vision Announce Collaboration
  • Toppan Launches Product ID Authentication Platform in China
  • Multilevel Digital Solutions Take Centre Stage at AntiCounterfeiting Conference
  • OECD Says Fakes Make Up 2.5% of Global Trade
  • ZEISER Acquires Track and Trace Technology
  • Is the Clock Ticking for Paper and Plastic?
  • Upcoming Events

June 2021

  • New Traffic Light Security Ink from GSI
  • Latest Authentication Solutions from OpSec Security
  • Magnetism Continues to Attract Research Interest
  • News in Brief
  • ISO Standards Relevant to Authentication
  • Security Threads – A New Star is Born
  • Food for Thought
  • Tribute to an Icon of the Indian Holography and Authentication Industry
  • Eltronis Celebrates FINAT Award Security Label for Luxury Brand
  • Upcoming Events

May 2021

  • And Now It’s Baseball on the Blockchain
  • Product Traceability and Authentication Systems
  • Normal Service Resumed
  • Vaccinations' Weakest Links
  • News in Brief
  • YPB Group Announces ‘World’s First SmartphoneReadable Tracers’
  • Secure Physical ID Matters – Even in a Virtual World
  • New Photochromic Materials for Authentication
  • Optical & Digital Document Security Conference
  • Hybridised Systems – The Future of Banknotes?
  • Prismade Launches Security Labels
  • Upcoming Events

April 2021

  • NFC Blockchain Technology to Connect Digital Data with Physical Item
  • The Overlap Between Identity and Authentication
  • Preventing Food Fraud, Using Food to Prevent Fraud
  • News in Brief
  • Russia Adds Dairy Products to its Unified Track and Trace System
  • Rare Earth Element Helps Provide New Type of Authentication
  • Digital Document Security – Authentication in Transition
  • AuthentiBrand Takes on Cannabis Counterfeits
  • Upcoming Events

March 2021

  • Digital Artwork Sale Shows Blockchain Gaining Pace as Authentication Tool
  • Security is More Than Skin-Deep
  • Nanotech Launches LiveOptik PROTECT Security Foil
  • US Anti-Counterfeiting Legislation Brought Back to the Table
  • Checking in About Corvina
  • De La Rue’s Smartphone Authentication App for Holograms Leverages Power of Visual-AI
  • Scientists Develop New Magnetic Nanomaterial as Anti-Counterfeit Device
  • The Unique Identity of a Polymer Banknote
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • FII Institute Prepares to Combat Counterfeit and Illicit Trade in Africa
  • EU Publishes AntiCounterfeiting Roadmap
  • Proof of Health Status White Paper Puts Emphasis on What is Feasible
  • DDS to Combine with ODS
  • Security Threads for Banknotes

February 2021

  • Smartphones Make Smarter Holograms
  • New Partnership to Leverage NFC Technology
  • Vaccines – the Perfect Targets for Counterfeiting
  • News in Brief
  • Checking our Technology
  • Getting Excited About a New Class of AntiCounterfeiting Device
  • Peacock Plumage Could Prove Useful in the Fight Against Counterfeiting
  • Webinar on NonCloneable Codes Raises Contentious Questions
  • Using 4D Printing to Create Multi-Colour Invisible Inks
  • New Directory for the ID Industry
  • Ginseng to Carry Trackable Labels
  • Upcoming Events

Free Issue

January 2021

  • A Load of (Coloured) Balls for Anti-Counterfeiting 1 Protecting Proof-ofVaccination Card
  • ID-NEX – Toppan’s New Anti-Counterfeiting and Diversion Service
  • Investment Grants Help Eluceda Revolutionise Fight Against Counterfeits
  • New Metasurface Provides Polarisation-Dependent Full-Colour Images
  • Revenue Authority Ups its Game with Checko
  • Eltronis Links Brands to Online Content Through Smartphones
  • Scantrust Helps Lockcon Lockout Tampering
  • Artificial Intelligence and Balloons Combine to Authenticate in Harsh Conditions
  • Round-Up of New Banknote Features
  • New Study Examines Evolving Challenges Posed by Counterfeit and Illicit Trade
  • Labelling at a Level Never Seen Before