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June 2024

New Anticounterfeiting Technique Packs Two Light-Reactive Images into One Material

De La Rue Currency or Authentication – or Both – for Sale?

News in Brief

Macau Common Crime – Counterfeit Casino Chips

US Post Office Loses $150 Million in Counterfeit Stamps

ISF Signs Agreement to Fight Illegal Seed Practices

Suppliers Change Gear with RFID Growth

Digital Printing, Metallisation, Interactivity… All in One Pass

Diametryx’s Innovative Colour Change Particles

RTPs Join the Dots for Enhanced Authentication

Reconnaissance Launches Reference Glossary for Authentication Industry

Smurfit Invests for Brand Protection and Tax Stamps


May 2024

Scientists Adopt New Approach Against Counterfeit Alcohol

Sustainability – The Business Case

News in Brief

Gilead Brand Protection – From Imprinted Pills to Holographic Tamper Seals

So Many Features, So Little Space

Behind the Scenes of Authenticating Autographs

StockX Values Human Verifiers and RFID Tags to Tackle Counterfeiting

Novel Approach to Detect Counterfeit Coins

Holography Conference 2024 – Call for Papers


April 2024

The Ongoing Problem of Counterfeit Postage Stamps

Drivers for Sustainability in Brand Protection

EU Recommends Actions to Combat Counterfeiting

Holography in the News

UK IPO Targets Social Media to Fight Fakes

News in Brief

India’s Pharma Traceability Hits Another Roadblock

ODDS 2024 – Innovate to Thrive


March 2024

Decoding Georgia Bills – No to QR Codes, Yes to Watermarks

Sustainable Innovations Around Tamper Proofing

Crane to Acquire OpSec

Lottery Security Printing Hitting Jackpots

Beckham, Sports, Luxury, and Authentication

Casa De Moneda’s Third Patent Plate

Brand Authentication – The Xiaomi Way

Even Chips Deserve Protection

February 2024

  • Pallets Are Counterfeited Too
  • Africa’s Ongoing Battle Against Fake Medicines
  • News in Brief
  • Global Hologram Body Targets China Expansion in Strategic Move
  • EU Loses €16 Billion Yearly to Fake Clothing, Cosmetics, Toys
  • Hong Kong Authentic Recyclability Efforts
  • Meta Launches NANO protect for Authentication
  • Q&A: Authentication & Brand News and Judy Moon, Digimarc, Vice President
  • Fighting Falsified Medicines – The Novartis Way
  • SIR Webinar Announced

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January 2024

  • Report Confirms Falsification of Medical Devices in EU
  • Election, Democracy, and Authentication
  • IHMA Launches Security Image Register for the Authentication Industry
  • A Confluence of Innovation, Design, Security and Technology at HSP Asia
  • 2023 in Review – Stand-Out Trends and Developments
  • AI Helps Deter Wine Fraud
  • All That Glitters Is Not Shrimp
  • ODDS Continues Big Debate – The Transition from Physical to Digital

December 2023

  • Interview with a Brand Owner – Mason Pearson
  • Merck Collaborates with p-Chip for Phygital Solution
  • A New Career – Smuggling of AI Chips
  • News In Brief
  • Latest Developments on the EU ‘Green’ Product Passport Front
  • From State Printer to Digital Powerhouse – The Story of Peruri
  • 2023 – A Year in Headlines
  • Ferrari Rewards Public for Reporting Fakes
  • Awards Reflect Ongoing Integration of Traditional Holograms with Other Techniques
  • Upcoming Events

November 2023

  • Crypto Stamps for Germany
  • OpSec Group Expands Brand Enhancement Offering
  • Sustainable Colour for a Sustainable Authentication Industry
  • News In Brief
  • People in the News
  • ‘Local Footprint’ is Key to Tackling Counterfeits in Africa, Says Risk Management Specialist
  • US Drug Tracking – Delays and Developments
  • NFC in the Circular Economy
  • HSP EMEA is Heading to Bulgaria – Call for Papers Issued
  • The Billion Dollar Counterfeit Seizure – Bangladesh to Blame?
  • Decathlon’s RFID Revolution
  • France First Country to Launch Digimarc Recycle
  • Robots That See Like Insects
  • Upcoming Events

October 2023

  • Bosch Launches Origify Fingerprinting Technology for Products
  • Only 40% of Brands Use Authentication Features, Survey Reveals
  • More Food Brands and Industries Stepping Up Traceability and Authentication Drive
  • News In Brief
  • From Stone Age to the Age-of-Not-Knowing-What’s-Real-Anymore – The Rise of Generative AI
  • Tax Authorities and Solution Providers Meet Up for 11th Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum
  • TOPPAN Showcases Smart NFC Packaging Solutions
  • HSP Asia Heads to Sri Lanka
  • Upcoming Events

September 2023

  • Apple iPhone 15 Uses UV-Activated QR Code to Deter Counterfeits
  • Koenig & Bauer Steps into Digital Authentication
  • EU Agency to Explore Blockchain for Aviation Parts
  • Italy’s Age-Old Cheese Embraces Modern Tech
  • A Quantum Leap for Meta Materials
  • Opportunities in Smart Packaging
  • Indian Pharma Moves Ahead with QR Code Regulation
  • Fashion and Sportswear Industry Advocate for Digital Labelling
  • Dragon Fruit Traceability Introduced in Vietnam
  • Smartphone Report Released
  • Aussies Invest in Agricultural Traceability System
  • US Patent Office Collects Valuable Insights on Preventing
  • Counterfeiting and Piracy
  • ODDS 2024 Opens Call for Papers

August 2023

  • Nike Joins Surge in NFC Tags on Sneakers
  • De La Rue Extends Brand Protection Contract with Mason Pearson
  • EUIPO Unveils EBSI-ELSA for Global Supply Chain Product Authentication
  • Diamonds are a Counterfeiter’s Worst Enemy
  • Leather Industry Urges Airlines to Ensure Traceability
  • More New Developments for Protecting Gold Bars and Coins
  • How Cisco Plugs Counterfeit Networks
  • IPR Counterfeiting is on the Rise, Reports WCO
  • Nanobrick Carving a Market with its Active Nano Platform
  • Authenticity Problems in Global Watch Market
  • Tax Stamp Forum to Showcase Latest Solutions for Authentication and Traceability
  • Upcoming Events

July 2023

  • Chemists Develop a New Chiral Structure Creation Method
  • ASPA Forum Aims for Zero Counterfeiting
  • New Anti-Counterfeiting Fluorescent Marker Developed
  • Round Up – Brands, Traceability, Sustainability
  • Food Fraud in the UK – Here We Go Again
  • De La Rue Authentication on Track to Exceed £100 Million in Revenue
  • Global Developments Around Palm Vein Authentication
  • Raising the Counterfeiting Bar with Double-Exclusive LEP Secure Inks
  • WCO Reports the Current State of Illicit Tobacco and Alcohol Seizures
  • Time to Submit Your Paper for ODDS 2024
  • Upcoming Events

June 2023

  • Partnership Leads to New Class of Security Feature
  • US Trademark Office Seeks Input on Preventing Counterfeiting
  • Anti-Counterfeiting – The Canon Way
  • News In Brief
  • From Costa Rican Butterflies to Meta’s Latest Plasmonic Banknote Features
  • Plug and Print for Leibinger’s New Intelligent Marking System
  • Structural Colours Tell Their Own Stories
  • G+D Strengthens Position in IoT – Acquires MECOMO and Launches Smart Label
  • Fedrigoni Announces Brand Protection Portfolio
  • Upcoming Events

May 2023

  • MIT Fights Fake Seeds with Silk
  • Identifying Counterfeit Human Growth Hormones
  • Round-Up – Brands, Traceability and Sustainability
  • EU Launches Mineral Traceability Project – MaDiTraCe
  • Pharma Traceability and Authentication in India
  • IN Groupe Acquires Secure Components Business
  • Authentication & Brand News Welcomes New Co-Editor
  • Twisted Light Shows Potential for Optical Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Latest News on Security Threads for Banknotes
  • Upcoming Events

April 2023

  • Authentix Buys Royal Joh Enschedé
  • OpSec Buys Zacco, Goes Public
  • Optical & Digital Document Security Conference 2023 – An Indepth Review
  • News in Brief
  • One Barcode for Everyone and Everything…Including Authentication?
  • Amazon Reports 40% Growth in Brands Adopting Transparency Code
  • A World First for Measuring Traceability Initiatives in Luxury Goods
  • ASPA and MFI Announce 5th Traceability and Authentication Forum
  • Upcoming Events

March 2023

  • Crane’s Micro-Optics Hit a Home Run for College Athletes
  • A World First – 3D Structurally Coloured Objects
  • SCRIBOS and HP Indigo Launch Anti-Copy Direct-Print Codes
  • Securikett Launches Fully Transparent Security Label
  • Toppan Showcases Brand Packaging Products
  • AGMA Announces Event Schedule for 2023
  • UAE Launches National Drug Tracking System ‘Tatmeen’
  • Different Temperatures Revealing Different Images
  • Crown Awarded for Protecting the Brand and the Planet
  • Countering the Counterfeiters
  • One-of-a-Kind Report
  • Authenticity: Reclaiming Reality in a Counterfeit Culture

February 2023

  • France to be the European Pilot Market for Digimarc Recycle
  • Luminescence Sun Chemical Security Acquires InData Systems
  • Distinkt – a New Name in Nanotech Authentication
  • News in Brief
  • Leading Edge Technologies for Smartphone Cameras
  • StockX Opens First Authentication Centre in Mexico
  • VerifyMe Acquires Assets of Digital Identity Brand Protection Company
  • Customers Deserve Authenticity
  • Could EU Green Product Passports Double as Anti-Counterfeiting Devices?
  • Optical & Digital Document Security Conference Hits the Phygital Nerve
  • Upcoming Events

January 2023

  • T-shirts, Stamps and Gold – the New World of Authentication
  • Stand-Out Developments in 2022 and Beyond
  • Authenticating Everything from Fuel to Banknotes – an Interview with Dr Tim Driscoll
  • ‘Brand Protection and the Global Risk of Product Counterfeits’: Flawed but Useful
  • International Standards for Smartphone Camera Testing
  • Upcoming Events

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