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Vietnam’s QRCode Authentication System

The Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency has put into operation a system of authenticating genuine goods via QRCode to encourage people and businesses to use solutions to develop products in eCommerce transactions.

Technical Features - December 9, 2022 midnight

Recent Advances in NFC and What This Means for Brand Protection

While near-field communication (NFC) has become the dominant technology for contactless payments, it has taken a backseat to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in terms of general adoption, with most people not even aware that their smartphones can have NFC built into them.

Technical Features - November 8, 2022 midnight

Organic Thin-Film Sensors for Security

Spectroscopy, the branch of science that measures and interprets the electromagnetic spectra resulting from the interaction between radiation and the sample, has found many uses in differentiating between real and fake banknotes, secure documents and pharmaceuticals.

Fraud Detection - October 6, 2022 midnight

Meta Anchor Connects Physical Products to Digital Experiences

Austria and US based mobile authentication technology company Authentic Vision has announced the US market release of its Meta Anchor™ technology that, it claims, secures the link between physical products and digital value, services and experiences.

Technical Features - October 6, 2022 midnight

Toppan Shines a Light on Security

Toppan has launched Illumigram™, a new security hologram in which three-dimensional images appear in response to strong light, such as a smartphone’s flashlight.

Technical Features - July 6, 2022 midnight

Smartphone Technology Calls In Holograms

Holography has helped to bring smartphone digital interaction in the brand protection and authentication space closer as the security technology discovers new outlets and innovative applications.

Technical Features - April 26, 2022 midnight