News in Brief

Polyart Group, a supplier of film and paper substrates for the specialty label market, and EDGYN, a security solutions specialist, have announced a partnership for the Asia Pacific region.

News - December 9, 2022 midnight

NFC News In Brief

To accompany our feature this month on recent trends in near-field communication (NFC), we thought we’d take a snapshot of new authentication and identification programmes that are opting for NFC tags.

News - November 8, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

Ennoventure Inc has recently received an award for the most secure anti-counterfeit technology 2022 at the EMEA Security Conference and Exhibition, held in Saudi Arabia.

News - October 6, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

SICPA has announced a strategic partnership with the Ecuadorian Seed Association (Ecuasem) to combat seed piracy and counterfeiting in the country.

News - September 6, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

MagVision, the magnetic innovation start-up, has announced a merger with Macon Management and Design (MMD), a UK-based engineering design company.

News - July 6, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

Chiplytics, a hardware security company building inspection technology that provides insights into the microelectronics supply chain, has announced its official launch from Scout Ventures.

Free - May 30, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

The Information Technology, Electronics and Communications Department of the Indian state of Telangana has implemented a pilot project for using RFID tags or QR code-enabled systems to track the inventory of gunny (burlap) sacks used for supplying food grain under the state Public Distribution System.

News - April 26, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

Nitches Inc, a designer and manufacturer of high-end clothing and accessories, has announced the launch of its patent-pending Owner Verification System (OVS) to prove the authenticity of its exclusive capsule collections created with celebrities and influencers.

News - March 1, 2022 midnight

LumaChrome Holographic Gives Two-Factor Authentication

Nanotech Security Corporation, now owned by Meta Materials Inc, is perhaps best known for designing, originating, recombining, and mass-producing nanotechnology-based films for securing documents of value against counterfeiting and tampering. But the Canada-based firm also offers a range of labelling solutions for advanced brand protection, to which it has now added a holographic version.

News - January 27, 2022 midnight

Document Checking in Challenging Environments

Each year, the authentication industry produces tens of millions of documents that require fast and reliable examination to confirm their authenticity. Doculus Lumus® is a mobile document checking device from charismaTec that was developed specifically for use in the often challenging environments of document checking for border management, law enforcement, security printing and banking.

News - January 27, 2022 midnight