OpSec Group Expands Brand Enhancement Offering

OpSec Group has completed the acquisition of Global Trim Sales, Inc, a provider of premium trim to the fashion and apparel industry, based in California. This acquisition will extend the OpSec brand enhancement offering in the consumer goods and sports industries.

Companies - November 24, 2023 midnight

TOPPAN Showcases Smart NFC Packaging Solutions

During the recent Luxe Pack Monaco trade show for creative packaging, TOPPAN showcased a range of NFC solutions, including its new NFC tag for contactless detection of the volume of liquid inside a container, targeting the cosmetics, medical, pharmaceutical, and liquor industries.

Companies - October 31, 2023 midnight

Authenticity Problems in Global Watch Market

A new report by Watchfinder & Co, a luxury pre-owned watch specialist, revealed that 14% of British collectors have counterfeit timepieces in their rotations. Specifically, the research identified a staggering total of 1,010,572 watches.

Consumer Goods - August 30, 2023 midnight

Nike Joins Surge in NFC Tags on Sneakers

Nike is conducting a pilot programme with AntChain for a new sneaker featuring an NFC chip. The programme enables consumers to access product origin information by tapping their smartphone against an NFC chip on the sneaker.

Technical Features - August 30, 2023 midnight

How Cisco Plugs Counterfeit Networks

While all counterfeit goods potentially pose a risk for consumers and companies, that risk becomes amplified when we talk about products made by Cisco, one of the largest technology companies in the world, best known for its networking products.

Free - August 30, 2023 midnight

Partnership Leads to New Class of Security Feature

The authentication and brand protection industries are not known, for obvious reasons, for their willingness to share information. But a chance meeting at a Reconnaissance conference between a client and supplier is beginning to bear fruit.

Free - July 5, 2023 midnight