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Microchipping Cheese

A partnership between p-Chip Corp, Kaasmerk Matec and the Consorzio del Parmigiano Reggiano has led to the creation of a new digital traceability tag for parmesan cheese.

Track and Trace - December 9, 2022 midnight

Linking Laser ID Marks with Tax Stamp Codes

At the recent Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum™ in Malta, Dr Marietta Ulrich-Horn, CEO of Securikett, presented a solution for linking the company’s CODIKETT® unique identifying code on a tax stamp with a 2D barcode that had been laser-etched into a glass bottle.

Track and Trace - July 6, 2022 midnight

More Companies Turn to Blockchain for Sustainable and Authentic Supply Chains

Blockchain – the technology that underpins the digital currency bitcoin and is essentially a digital database of time-stamped records or transactions, which are unchangeable and decentralised – is becoming increasingly popular as a track and trace tool for physical supply chains and to guard against counterfeit goods.

Track and Trace - April 26, 2022 midnight