Hong Kong Authentic Recyclability Efforts

The 'pay-as-you-throw' waste tax, a new Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) charging scheme, is set to be implemented across Hong Kong this year. Once the scheme comes into full effect, Hong Kong residents must pay for the waste they generate based on its quantity. This article explores what the scheme is and the authentication possibilities supporting the recyclability efforts.

Sustainability - February 7, 2024 midnight

France First Country to Launch Digimarc Recycle

Digital watermarking specialist Digimarc Corporation has announced that France will be the first country to implement Digimarc Recycle on a nationwide basis, for the sorting and recycling of plastic waste.

Sustainability - November 24, 2023 midnight

Opportunities in Smart Packaging

Smart packaging is a term that means different things to different communities, and this article aims to take a wider look at trends in smart packaging and consider some of the potential implications for authentication and brand protection.

Events - September 29, 2023 midnight

France to be the European Pilot Market for Digimarc Recycle

In March 2022’s edition of Authentication & Brand News™, a technical feature looked at how digital watermark specialist Digimarc was working on invisible watermarks that could increase plastic recycling. The technology from Digimarc is amongst a basket of innovations that sit at the overlap between authentication and sustainability – in this case giving plastic packaging a ‘voice’.

Companies - March 8, 2023 midnight

OpSec Eco – Smart, Clean and Green

Like all progressive companies operating in the authentication and brand protection sectors, OpSec Security is committed to sustainability in its processes and products – as its new product line OpSec® Eco demonstrates.

Sustainability - November 8, 2022 midnight

Protection Meets Sustainability in Luxury Brand

A growing theme within the pages of Authentication & Brand News™ is the trend for technology providers of brand protection and authentication services to expand the usefulness of their offerings to include traceability of raw and recycled materials.

Free - October 6, 2022 midnight

Completing the Circle

The circular economy presents a $4.5 trillion business opportunity for companies that concentrate on rethinking products and services using principles based on durability, renewability, reuse, repair, replacement, upgrades, refurbishment, and reduced material use.

Sustainability - April 26, 2022 midnight

Digital Identities for Reusable Packaging

Flexible electronics developer PragmatIC Semiconductor has announced its involvement in leading an Innovate UK, Smart Sustainability Plastic Packaging business project that will make reusable plastic packaging systems a reality at scale.

Sustainability - April 26, 2022 midnight

Waste Not, Want Not

You may have noticed that, in the last few issues since the launch of the newly-branded Authentication & Brand News™, there has been something of an emphasis on sustainability. For companies in our sector (indeed, companies in any sector), sustainability, particularly in the environmental sense, is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a ‘must have’.

Editorial - April 26, 2022 midnight