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Only 40% of Brands Use Authentication Features, Survey Reveals

Anti-counterfeiting efforts have become a cost of doing business; brands are outsourcing their anti-counterfeiting activities to professional advisors, law firms, investigators, and technology companies; and only 40% of brands are actually using authentication features.

Online Protection - October 31, 2023 midnight

Twitter to Launch Blue, Gold, Grey Authenticity Ticks

Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, has announced that the social platform will launch a revamped account verification service at the beginning of December, including the allocation of different colour-coded ticks to verified individuals, government entities, and companies.

Free - December 9, 2022 midnight

Meta Gets Serious on Product Authentication

Reconnaissance has previously reported on the role of brand protection in building and policing the metaverse. Now Meta, the company that is literally betting its future on the success of the metaverse as a virtual retail store, is taking steps to protect brands’ metaverse presence.

Online Protection - December 9, 2022 midnight

Lawyer Up and Head for the Metaverse

Without being able to hold or look at a physical object, or even capture the URL of a webpage, the challenges facing trademark infringement and brand protection are different to authentication in the real world (ITRW).

Editorial - May 30, 2022 midnight

Report Concludes Nearly Half of All Cyberattacks Involve Brand Impersonation

Anti-fraud product provider Outseer has released its latest findings on brand abuse, and it doesn’t make pleasant reading for online banking and eCommerce. According to the latest quarterly analysis from Outseer’s FraudAction team, brand impersonation scams continue to exploit the sharp rise in digital banking and eCommerce during the pandemic.

Studies-Reports - May 30, 2022 midnight