US Drug Tracking – Delays and Developments

In August, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a one-year delay in enforcing the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) electronic tracking rules until November 2024, in order to provide a 12-month stabilisation period to aid compliance.

Free - November 24, 2023 midnight

How Cisco Plugs Counterfeit Networks

While all counterfeit goods potentially pose a risk for consumers and companies, that risk becomes amplified when we talk about products made by Cisco, one of the largest technology companies in the world, best known for its networking products.

Free - August 30, 2023 midnight

ASPA Forum Aims for Zero Counterfeiting

With their sights firmly set on a future with no counterfeiting in it, more than 150 delegates came together for the 5th edition of the Traceability and Authentication Forum (TAF), held on 6-7 July, in New Delhi, India.

Free - July 31, 2023 midnight

Partnership Leads to New Class of Security Feature

The authentication and brand protection industries are not known, for obvious reasons, for their willingness to share information. But a chance meeting at a Reconnaissance conference between a client and supplier is beginning to bear fruit.

Free - July 5, 2023 midnight

MIT Fights Fake Seeds with Silk

In the mid-2010s, a series of large agriscience companies introduced a range of technologies to help tackle counterfeit agricultural products. Among them was Supply Chain Track and Trace (SCTT) and Innovative Product Label Technology, both from BASF, together with DuPont’s Izon® holographic label and Bayer CropScience’s mobile app.

Free - May 31, 2023 midnight

One-of-a-Kind Report

In September this year, Reconnaissance International will release a new publication – ‘Smartphones for Authentication’ – the only publication of its kind.

Free - March 27, 2023 midnight