Protection Meets Sustainability in Luxury Brand

A growing theme within the pages of Authentication & Brand News™ is the trend for technology providers of brand protection and authentication services to expand the usefulness of their offerings to include traceability of raw and recycled materials.

Free - October 6, 2022 midnight

Revisions to China’s Trademark Laws Offer Greater Protection

Some brand owners don’t register their trademark and other intellectual property in China because they assume that a trademark registration in Europe or the US will provide some protection. However, a registration outside China does not provide any rights to use a mark within China, although recent changes to the legislation might offer greater protection.

Free - September 6, 2022 midnight

Was Ticket Fraud to Blame for Chaos at Champions League Final?

What should have been a triumphant finale to the European football season descended into chaos as police fired tear gas and pepper spray at supporters in advance of the Champions League Final in Paris. What role did ticket fraud play in creating the chaotic scenes that were televised around the world as the kick off was delayed by more than half an hour?

Free - July 6, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

Chiplytics, a hardware security company building inspection technology that provides insights into the microelectronics supply chain, has announced its official launch from Scout Ventures.

Free - May 30, 2022 midnight

Global Forum Gets Ready to Welcome Tax Stamp Community

Conferences are back! And this includes the Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum™, taking place from 16-18 May 2022 in Malta. The Forum opens with a workshop on the pros and cons of using sophisticated digital printers for secure documents, including a review of digital security inks, feature design software, printing hardware and real-life applications.

Free - April 26, 2022 midnight

From 1878 to NFTs and the Metaverse – No Turning Back

With all of the media coverage surrounding the use of technology in the fight against online piracy and counterfeiting, we shouldn’t forget that trademark and copyright infringements were going on long before the invention of the world-wide-web.

Free - March 23, 2022 midnight

Recommerce Brings Fashion and Apparel Fraud Online

Recommerce – the sale of pre-owned goods – is a nearly $40-billion-a-year industry and is expected to double soon. In an article on Bloomberg Law, attorneys from international law firm Perkins Coie examine the IP infringement questions facing resellers and brands in the resale marketplace.

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Welcome to Authentication & Brand News!

Happy 2022 to all our readers – and welcome to the first issue of our new monthly publication – Authentication & Brand News™, which is replacing Authentication News®.

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