January 2021

Inside this newsletter:

  • A Load of (Coloured) Balls for Anti-Counterfeiting 1 Protecting Proof-ofVaccination Card
  • ID-NEX – Toppan’s New Anti-Counterfeiting and Diversion Service
  • Investment Grants Help Eluceda Revolutionise Fight Against Counterfeits
  • New Metasurface Provides Polarisation-Dependent Full-Colour Images
  • Revenue Authority Ups its Game with Checko
  • Eltronis Links Brands to Online Content Through Smartphones
  • Scantrust Helps Lockcon Lockout Tampering
  • Artificial Intelligence and Balloons Combine to Authenticate in Harsh Conditions
  • Round-Up of New Banknote Features
  • New Study Examines Evolving Challenges Posed by Counterfeit and Illicit Trade
  • Labelling at a Level Never Seen Before